Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What is the point of all this practice?

I think that I would welcome these Braxton hicks contractions more if I knew that I would be having these babies naturally. Since my first OB appointment a vaginal delivery has never been an option for me and I’m ok with that.

After my post yesterday I did crawl back into bed to knuckle down to some solid hours of reading when the regular waves started coming. They were not too bad at first but started getting stronger.

My first thought was that I had missed taking the pain relief medication on time, but remembered that I took them at breakfast and still had another hour before I could take more.

My second thought was “Oh not again…I really don’t want to cry wolf”. So I called Tim and he was able to come home and off we went to see the OB.

I was livid and angry, furious actually as I KNEW that it was false labour again and I just didn’t want to make any fuss. I was able to handle the pain talk, walk and even cook through it all with no troubles. There were stronger ones now and then but they were not regular.

I think that you could tell by my facial expression that I was not impressed with my body nor this pain, as the OB was more attentive yesterday.

Another internal exam to confirm that cervix is still closed and not dilating. I had my eyes closed during the exam and Tim told me afterwards that the OB face was one of great relief when he announced his observations.

Apparently there is nothing extra that I can do that I’m not already doing, rest, rest and more rest.

I decided that I would stop taking the Panadol as if it is not helping, I don’t see the point. I consider myself very lucky that I’ve made it this far and I now know that he will be delivering these babies. I just pray with all my heart that I make it another week, so that I can have these babies at my hospital of choice and also so that my Mum is home.

I had an Osteopath appointment this morning for my pelvis and was totally blown away that he told me that our little girl which is on my right hand side is head down almost ready to engage. All throughout this pregnancy our little boy has been the closets to the cervix.


Eggs Akimbo said...

Wow Mari...I can't believe it's nearly time. How you going in the heat?

Bugsy said...

I have been thinking about you in this heat. The weather is just shocking. Hope you are doing okay. Not long now.