Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Tricks

Each day is a new discovery and new trick that Jordan can do, I’ve mentioned this before but sometimes it feels as though Jordan is a performing animal. Tim is often greeted with “Mimi, Mimi look at what Jordan does now”. Poor child, he will most likely require therapy when he is older.

Sitting is going ok, when propped up with pillows or in the high you can see here:

We went Swimming for the first time last week and while he didn’t like being dunked he loved…loved sucking on my hand. We are going again today, to help escape the hot weather.

Jordan can easily roll from his tummy to his back, and is desperately working to roll the other way. But will roll to his side to reach for toys.

He has found his feet and his feet have found his mouth. He can easily grasp toys when offered to him and will pass them from hand to hand, but just about everything finds its way into his mouth.

We bought a Jolly Jumper but Jordan has not quite worked it out that he should use both feet together to jump, instead we see him stomping away whilst turning around.

He is starting to hold his bottle when feeding, but easily gets bored or is bit too heavy. When I offer the bottle to him, he will grab at with two hands steering it towards his mouth, but most times the teat ends up in his eye. But at least he wants to help me feed him.

If he could Jordan would stand all day long, hates sitting for too long, loves to stand. He doesn’t like being cuddled too much (which I never hear the end of it from my mother in law) as he enjoys being on the floor, yelling, giggling and singing.

Monday, January 15, 2007

5 Months

As normal I’m awakened by some angry shouting coming from the other end of the house. I get dressed quickly and walk in saying Good morning to my little boy. I have learnt not to greet the day too loudly as it often scares him and he cries from the fright…I’m greeted with a smile and this is how I find Jordan.

Every month I say how I can’t believe how quickly he is growing…I’m not going to say that this month, instead here are some photo’s to mark his 5th Month!

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

If Only

Jordan will be 5 months on Monday, yes you read right 5 MONTHS…already. Whilst I’m still no expert when it comes to child raising, there are a few things that I would’ve differently, or I wish I had known while I was pregnant.


Oh God I have kicked and kicked myself for being so stupid…why oh why did I think that I could deal with and handle Cloth nappies. A Gold medal must be awarded to those ladies that are committed and disciplined enough to use Cloth nappies. The only thing I use the flat terry towel nappies to as a vomit rag.

I now wish that I spent the pregnancy buying disposable nappies, or researching cheap places to buy them. Hindsight in this instance is a fucking curse.

Anyone out there that is pregnant, start buying nappies NOW!!!!


If only I had a crystal ball that would’ve shown me the future, so that I would’ve known that I couldn’t breast feed. How unprepared we were for us to be bottle feeding. We bought the Steriliser on the way home from the hospital.

A tin of formula currently lasts 6 days and again I wish that I had researched which one was the best and where I can buy them cheap. Coles (supermarket) currently sell Jordan’s formula for about $23.00, but I have found a Chemist (Pharmacy) that constantly has 10% off Baby stuff and I can get it for $16-$17. This is not too bad.


To reduce the risk of SIDS, it is recommended that your child sleep on their back, all well and good. BUT…BUT I now have to go to a Physiotherapist as my darling little boy has a very flat head.

If I had my time again I would ensure that Jordan slept on his sides by rolling up towels. Equal time on both sides and back, I’m now terrified that he may have to wear a helmet thing so that his head grows properly.


I was not prepared well enough for this child. We bought the lovely furniture, we painted the room, we bought silly toys that he won’t use yet and yes I did buy clothes…but stupid things..out fits and cute things not practical stuff. I’m now finding what clothes are best. So here is my advice (assvice – however you want to take it):

- Every week you do your grocery shopping, buy baby wipes, nappies (if they are on special)

- If you have PCOS be prepared that you may not have milk and at least buy one bottle and sterilising tablets (MILTON). I wouldn’t recommend that you all rush out and buy and steriliser as you maybe different to me. But you will use the tablets even if you are breast feeding for dummies. One tablet will sterilise 2liters of water and they are cheap.

- DON’T buy the Tommy Tippee nappy bin, we did and they are just a money pit. You need to constantly buy the refill and they are not cheap. About $17-$18, instead there are anti-bacterial plastic bags that you can buy in the baby section of the supermarket…much cheaper and are often on special.

- Clothes wise, the singlets that do up under the nappy are fantastic. Long sleeved and short sleeved onsies are a MUST and sleeping bags. Now the little jumpsuits and rompers are good, but only if they don’t have feet, Jordan is long and lean so the ones that don’t have feet last longer…we put socks on him anyway.

- We love the Pumpkin Patch bunny rugs, I don’t wrap/swaddle Jordan as he hates it but they are great as a blanket for during the day. Easy to wash, and last a long time, cost around $20 but if you can get to the Factory outlet then they are much cheaper. I change Jordan’s blanket every day as he sticks them in his mouth and often vomits on them.

If anything I just wish my head was not in the clouds as much and I had prepared a bit more. But I suppose that I was in shock and awe that I was FINALLY pregnant that I didn’t think of anything after the birth and now on one wage I find it that much tougher.