Monday, January 19, 2009

33 Weeks

WOW I’m relieved that I’ve made it this far and the only thing that I can really complain about is the Sciatica and not being able to bend over to pick things up and of course I’m dropping everything.

I don’t handle pain very well, I would like to meet the people that do, but the Sciatica is starting to do my head in. After seeing the Osteopath who worked miracles on my back, I simply leant over to put drops in Jordy’s eyes and bang the twinge started.

Right this minute whilst Jordy is asleep I’m literally sitting on a heat pack on the laptop which is balanced on pillows. I’ve learnt with this pain that there are chairs in this house that just not help the Sciatica. Luckily our couch is a good one, but the dinning table chairs and the ones in the study are painful. Also the car seats are not nice either, but I haven’t told Tim this as we would not go anywhere.

The abdominal cramps are getting more intense, which has meant that I simply do not go anywhere. I’m reluctant to driver further than our local Shopping centre. Anywhere further than that I simply what for the weekend.

My excitement of the arrival of Rylie and Lilly is growing day by day. I received a lovely surprise on Friday. A box full of second hand girls and boys clothes and I’m so grateful that my friend gave these to me.

I never received anything second hand for Jordy and there was no one that I could borrow things off. This time around both Lilly and Rylie’s wardrobe is made of new and hand me downs.

I feel that our family of 3 will very soon move onto a family of 5, I feel the need to just stay home and not do anything. I felt this way with Jordan as well, I’ve had a little show and since last Wednesday, I feel that I’m simply just waiting.

My Mum has left now for Hungary and even though I saw her yesterday I’m already missing her.

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