Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lilly 2 Months

Where did March go? And it is nearly the end of April!!!. Here is Lilly’s 2 month check:

Growth check:

At birth Lilly’s statistics were:

Weight = 2.1kg

Length = 45cm

At her 8 week check, the statistics were:

Weight = 3.5kg

Length = 50cm

Tummy-time: We have tried Tummy time with Lilly and does not like it one bit, plus our Osteopath recommended that we not place her on her tummy until her neck is stronger. She still favours one side but is not in any more pain, she will move her head easily so I’m not that concerned. My Mum constantly stresses about her neck but there is nothing more that we can do.

Eyes: Lilly is looking to have the same eye colour as Jordy, at the moment that are still a dark blue and at times almost looks purple in colour.

Focus: Lilly has really great focus on us and will constantly stare at us when feeding, plus I’ve noticed that she will look at me when I’m dealing with Rylie in the other cot (yes we have separated them now as Rylie was waking Lilly up as he was moving around the cot). I was told that she probably heard my voice but my gut feeling is that she can see better than it is expected.

Hearing: Similar to Rylie, Lilly will turn her head to peoples voices.

Smiles: It is hard to get a smile out of Lilly as she prefers to talk, but she has this cute little special smile that she does whilst talking and it involves her scrunching up her nose and squinting her eyes, very cute. It takes tickling her cheek or chin for her to smile.

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Speech: When I get the chance after a feed and Lilly is not sleepy then I will often put her on our bed and lie down next to her and she will babble away. I truly love this time with her, she likes to be with people and not left on her own to play on the floor.

Feeding: Lilly still continues to go long stretches at night and the other night she went 12 hours between feeds, but will go anywhere from 8-10 hours. During the day Lilly will go 2-4 hours between feeds and she is such a dream to feed, she sucks the bottle down and will push it away for a burp and is very easy to burp up don’t even need to pat her back, by simply sitting her up gives you the desired result. She is drinking on average 130ml's per feed.

Sleeping: Whilst Lilly is easy to feed she is very hard to settle and needs to be swaddled and put on her side and loud bassy music needs to be playing. A Hungarian band Bon Bon seems to be doing the trick, once she is asleep we turn the music down. Loud bassy music worked for Jordy and for him it was Justin Timberlake that worked.

Crying: Lilly has different cries and you can easily work out what she is wanting.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Rylie 2 Months

Time moves quickly when you are sleep deprived. So here is the 2 month check on Rylie:
Growth check: At birth Rylie’s statistics were:
Weight = 2.6kg
Length = 47cm
At his 8 week check up his statistics are:
Weight = 4.9kg
Length = 57cm
Tummy-time: Since we started Tummy time with Rylie he has loved it, I won’t say that he lasts long but you can easily place him on his tummy and he will happily babble away. I think that it really helps with his ‘wind’ issues.

Eyes: Mum thinks that Rylie will have brown eyes but I don’t think so, they are not blue and are not brown. My gut feeling is that they might be green, taking after my Father in law, but I think that it is too early to tell.
Focus: Rylie will watch TV if I place him in front of it and will follow us around the room. He loves Jordy and will often follow his voice around the room. Unfortunatley is cot is near the window and he will easily get distracted by the afternoon sun that creeps past the curtains and often you will find him still awake babbling to the sun.Hearing: Rylie knows all our voices and has a special glint in his eyes when he hears Jordy’s voice. if someone is holding him and I say something then he will turn his head towards me. He also recognises Tim’s voice.
Smiles: He may not talk that much but Rylie really likes to smile and will smile for anyone. His tongue is usually hanging out when he smiles, so very cute and his whole face just lights up. Most of the time he is very serious and forwns quite a lot so we try to encourage his smiling.Speech: Not a big talker as Rylie prefers to cry to communicate with us, but he has started making those cute little baby noises and has been grunting since birth.
Feeding: Once we stopped comparing Rylie to Lilly we became more aware of his feeding needs, plus I started recording, when both babies feed, how long they slept and how their naps and feeds were. So we discovered that Rylie is drinking on average 160ml’s per feed (sometimes he will leave a little and others he needs to be toped up) and during the day he goes 3-4 hours between feeds and at night he has been going 6-8 hours.

During his feeds he squirms and complains quite a lot, which we have learnt that he is trying to tells he either needs a break or a burp.
Sleeping: Rylie will easliy settle with a dummy and we have learnt to swaddle him tightly at night, during the day if the dummy has not helped then we again swaddle him and he falls asleep. He is much eaiser to settle than Lilly but Rylie is a little difficult to feed.
Crying: We have a squealer on our hands and we have nick named his cry the banchee scream, at night is can make your ears ring. Personally I think that it is a cute cry and very much his own.
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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I tried

The car was packed and the babies dressed and I set off to go first to the Osteopath and then off to my local shopping centre to run some errands.

After the Osteopath visit which was filled with screaming babies and feeding in between manipulations, I decided to come home and on the way home both babies fell asleep, until the car stopped and Rylie woke up.

So I partially went out with the twins today, I made it to the Osteopath by myself but didn’t get to do everything that I had planned. I will try again tomorrow, as I’m still determined to get out of this house with the twins. I need to!

Both are now complaining about being disturbed from the sleep, I wonder how long it will take to settle these two now!

Look at my cute little girl in the photo below, the jeans she is wearing is a size 0000 which are still so big on her.

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