Saturday, September 29, 2007

Latest Invite

My friend was kind enough to allow me to do her invitation for her beautiful little girl. I took the photo and put together the invite....what do you think?

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Friday, September 21, 2007


This is a silly post, but I really want to get back into bloging as I miss it.

I have a foot phobia, I hate that part of my body…hate despise it. You know those commercials where all you see is the foot rubbing under the white blanket, how it is meant to illustrate the romance and hot steamy sex the couple are having?

Well that would never happen in my bed as I can’t stand anyone’s foot being close to mine. I will literally freak out, even in an accident at night I will wake in a cold sweat. My brother used to torment me with his feet placing them an inch away from my face all along saying “I’m not touching you!” I still shudder from the thought!

There are still times when Tim will chase me around the house trying to touch me with his feet…saying “here comes stinky feet”, childish I know!

All this fear until, I had Jordan’s feet to play with, now I know that one day they will turn into the things that I despise, but right now I can’t get enough of them. They are always in my hands and I’m always tickling them. After a bath they always get a rub and loads of kisses.
While the weather here is starting to warm up I decided to take Jordy out side to walk around one the grass and I just loved the look of our feet in the grass, so I took a photo to remind me in years to come that at this moment I cherish his feet, but most of all it is to remind me of how blessed I am.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Christening invitation & Thank you

You can't really see the writing and this is not what the invite looked like. I printed the words onto a white transparent paper that had a pearl sheen to it, I then punched two holes at the top and with a piece of blue ribbon tied the white paper to a blue card that I had cut to size.

The Thank you card was much smaller and was printed onto plain white paper and then stuck to blue cardboard.

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I can't seem to find Ellies invite and the birth announcement can be found here

Invitation & Thankyou

This was the invite that I sent for Jordy's Birthday, I made it myself and printed them at home. I saw a similar Invite on line and I just new that I could make one just as good. It took me a while and I loved doing it. I downloaded the Fonts from and then used Paint to manually colour in the Train. I used Microsoft Power Point to create the invite and downloaded the balloons as a picture and just copied and changed the colour.

This is the Thank you card that I also made. The photo was a taken when Jordan was 10 months old but know one knows son loves to sleep in the most weird positions.

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I have made Jordan's Birth announcement & Thankyou his Christening invites, now his Birthday invites. I also made Ellie's Invites. Perhaps this could be a new career for me? But I'm keen to know what you think, I will post the other examples as well.

Party Photos!

My Mum made the cake, and I decorated it, you can tell by the Icing letters as they are a little bent. The theme for Jordy's party was colourful, I could've easily done a Thomas the Tank theme or Bob theme, but I know that right now Jordan loves colour anything colourful attracts his eyes and sweet little hands...and eventually his mouth!

This in my little Family!

This is the after shot, it is 9:30pm and Jordy is still going strong...what a party animal!

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