Tuesday, January 27, 2009

34 Weeks

The books say that the average size from head to bum at this stage is 30 cm (times that by 2) and the average weight is 2.1kg (again times that by 2). I think that I mentioned this earlier but I have not been weighed during this pregnancy when I visit the OB, but just out of curiosity I’ve been keeping an eye on my own weight and I was totally shocked yesterday when I jumped on the scales to see that I had gained 5 kg in 2 weeks.

Tim just laughed at me and said that with 4.3kg of baby, plus amniotic fluid and placenta what more do I expect? He also said that I was all baby.

I had a inkling that the Panadol regime would not last me that long and the pain relief is no longer lasting 4 hours, as I’ve been getting niggles throughout the 4 hour period.

My MIL wanted to understand why is it that I’m having these contractions, what is it that is going on, is it because I’m stressed, doing too much, lifting Jordan, bending over.

The twin book (that is permanently beside my bed) mentioned that the size of my uterus is not the relative size of a single pregnancy, how can it be where there are two? So consider for a minute that when I was pregnant with Jordy I had Braxton hicks contractions at week 35 and had him at 37 weeks.

The OB mentioned that my uterus is measuring at 37 week gestation last week, so I’m not at all surprised that my body is saying…it is enough now.

I’ve mentioned that I’m reluctant to drive long distances and the longest that I have driven is about 15km away when I picked Ellie up for a visit. But I am itching to get back out there and visiting places and people. Part of me would love to go into the city (about 45-50 km) away for a lunch with my friends from work, but the nesting part of me screams out NO!!!

I’m not nesting like I did with Jordan, no meals have been cooked and stored away, the only thing that I’ve really been concentrating on is having their room ready. The car seats are all in now, yes both cars have 3 cars seats in each. Jordy is getting used to the fact that Rylie and Lilly will be sitting next to him and as he has the New Car seat he seems ok with the concept.

I have retreated into my own world a little and being a bit anti social with Tim. As soon as Jordy goes down for his nap, I’m in bed reading the latest novel from Stephanie Meyer. I’ve already read Twilight and New Moon (it took me this weekend to read New Moon) and now I’m up the third book.

With Jordy I was playing computer games and with these babies, I’m reading about vampires and werewolves…go figure. It is this overwhelming feeling of escaping the ‘real’ world that has me convinced that the end of the pregnancy is near.

The Baby books also suggested that I have gifts ready for when the babies arrive. This has now also been done, Jordy bought both Lilly and Rylie their first Teddy Bears. Jordy will be receiving an Electronic Giggling Troublesome Trucks which has two trucks in the pack (for his Thomas collection) he loves the Troublesome trucks, season 6 of the DVD set which we can play in the hospital and a colouring book.

The urge to finish this post and get back to Bella, Edward and Jacob is just getting too much. So here is Mari, signing off from 34 weeks +1 day pregnant to retreat into her own world.

But just one last thing before I do go, thank you to those people that have sent emails and left comments here. I really appreciate all the kind words and thoughts, especially when I’m so conscious of trying not to “complain” so much about this pregnancy when there are infertiles out there that would love to be in my position, even in pain and discomfort.

I knew that this twin pregnancy would be hard, but I never really understood, how uncomfortable and pain filled the days would be. Part of the reason for this blog is for me to remember all this in the future and perhaps even pass it onto my children when they are older. But it is also a space where I can try to keep myself from going insane.

I have been crying most days, when it has seemed all too much and once the emotions have been released I’m back ok. I was not like this with Jordy and I suppose that I didn’t get a chance to be like this as I worked longer and was not as idle has I have been. Knowing that there are people out there reading this blog and that you have felt the same way, makes it easier to know that it is not just me being ungrateful.

So again thankyou!

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Bugsy said...

oh hun - you poor pet. Reading the books is a wonderful thing - to be able to escape the bad parts of this wonderful pregnancy into another world for a little while is the best thing for your sanity.

i never think you are ungrateful for these babies or anything like that. You are an inspiration and i both envy you and sympathise with you and just pray that before long this pain is just a memory.

You are such a wonderful mother. You are strong, and i am in awe that you have done so well.

Thinking of you. Now stop reading this and go read your books lol.