Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank god for midwives

Tim, Jordy and I went back to the hospital yesterday for the additional injection. But instead of just a quick jab the Midwife put me back onto the monitor for about 20 minutes.

All the while Jordy was happily playing in the Birthing suit, we felt that it was important for him to get used to the hospital and try to understand that it is not a scary place at all. I’m proud of the way he handled himself, especially considering it was way past his nap time.

Elaine was the midwife that looked after me yesterday and she was fantastic. Talking to me about how I was feeling (as my feelings of stupidity were still present) she was able to help alleviate this by letting me know that even though what I’ve been feeling is considered “false labor” it is still serious in itself.

Especially as neither of the babies have engaged and if by the off chance that my waters break then the umbilical cord could potential slip down ahead of the baby which can be dangerous. This was the first time I had heard this and was grateful that she explained that it was ok for me to come in 100 times if needs be.

Complete contrast to the day before where the Midwife was confused as to why I went to the hospital instead of the OB rooms.

But I’m happy to report that there have been slight contractions but no more than perhaps 2 an hour and the Panadol seems to be working really well. Elaine asked me when I was booked in for the C-section and when I told her 39 weeks she just looked at me and asked “Do you think that you will make it that far?”

I asked her then “Do you?”, she just shock her head and said “To be honest, I don’t think so”. As my next OB appointment is 2 weeks away Elaine suggested that I come in again on Tuesday to be monitored for another 20 minutes to make sure that there is no more contractions.

I used to count down the weeks in the pregnancy but now it seems that I’m just happy to get through an extra day with these babies still baking away. The pain that I was slowly going insane about has moved onto Heartburn, which is not that bad and I feel almost human again with the exception of a huge baby belly.

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