Monday, January 05, 2009

31 Weeks

Saying 5-6 weeks to go, it doesn’t sound that close but when I say 4-5 weeks out loud my heart starts leaping. Shit not a lot of time left…then the anxiety starts again.

Will they be ok at 35 / 36 weeks, will I have to leave one or both in the hospital?

How will I cope, how will Jordy cope, shit there is still so much that needs to be done before I go off to have these babies and 4 weeks is not long.

The babies room has now been painted and the chest of draws are in place, Jordy’s old cot is set up. We did buy another cot but I think that it might be best to leave them in one cot to start with. But we change our minds constantly about this.

Most of Jordy’s baby things are in storage and we have yet to bring them home, which is stressing me a little.

The two car seats and pram are on layby but one car can easily be fitted at a moments notice.

I have yet to pack my bags and I think that I will be doing this after my OB appointment on Thursday. I want to discuss dates with the OB, this limbo land is stressing and I just want to know the date that I will be scheduled in for the C-section.

We have only ever discussed that I would be having a c-section but not when and I need to know the when, especially now that my mother will be in Hungary for 2 weeks (my 33rd and 34th week).

This past week has not been as hard on me, I’m sleeping and eating better, bending down should be out of the question but I have occasionally bathed Jordy. I even managed to do some painting not much but some.

I’m secretly glad that Jordy still has a decent nap during the day as I get to either blog, or just simply put my feet up watching TV. 1.5-2 hours is a decent break and then when he wakes up we are both refreshed and ready to tackle the afternoon.

Tim went back to work today and was / is worried about me being able to look after Jordy. As I’ve said to him it is only Mondays and Fridays when we are on our own and I just make sure that we have a small activity to do in the mornings before his nap time and then the afternoon can be spent at home, outside or drawing. This morning we went to the park where I sat for an hour watching him laughing at the ducks and chasing birds. Now tell me is that strenuous?

I don’t think so!

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FelicityMMH said...

Hi Mari. :)
Im glad to hear that things are going well, I understand how stressful it is getting everything ready, especially when you are exhausted from growing 2 babies.

With our Twins we had them in the same cot until they were about 7 or 8 months. Our little boy was always alot bigger than our little girl, even in the womb, and by 7 months he was so big that we worried he would lay on her face one night, so we got another cot. But we did put the Twins back in the same cot as their sizes grew similar again.

I agree that Twins should be together at first, it settles them, and they really do comfort each other.

By the way, my Edward is a computer freak and if I let him he would play 24/7! It can be very hard with boys, his competence is amazing, and I do see a future in computers for him, he just loves messing around with them so much. We limit him to an hour a day, but he has been known to get up at 5am and play for hours before I get up and start timing him! Cheeky. :)