Friday, January 16, 2009

Hick up's and Surprises


I wake to a sharp cramp on my left side near my ovary. I rub and try to massage the pain away to realise that I’m holding my breath. I let go of the breath I was holding and try to relax, it takes a good minute for the pain to ease, but it move to my lower back.

I thought it was strange at the time but try to go back to sleep. 5 minutes later another cramp, this time it moves quickly too my lower back.

This continues for the next hour, every 5 minutes a contraction. It is worse when I get up and move.

But at 2am I’m able to fall asleep again until 7, when I get up to take Jordy to Child Care.


I decide to call the hospital as I’ve had contractions off and on most of the day. No matter what I’m doing, lying in bed watching TV. Sitting, walking, standing, nothing seems to help stop the pain.

I felt so stupid calling the hospital as the pain was not bad, I was NOT doubled over, I did not need to breath through the wave. But I was having more than 4 in an hour and they were lasting for a minute.

My MIL takes me in to the hospital and I’m hooked up an monitored for about an hour and then sent home. Braxton hicks are not fun and the day scared the shit out of me. I’m not ready to have these babies yet.

I was given Panadol in the hospital and was told to take them when I needed to, which I did and since Wednesday I’ve not had any more Braxton hicks.


I had my 32 week ultrasound yesterday and was relieved that both again are doing just great. Rylie has slowed down a little and is weighing in at 1.88kg and Lilly has finally caught up and is weighing in at 1.83kg.

My mother came with me this time, has she is leaving for Europe on Sunday. I thought that it might be a nice treat for her to “see” her new grandchildren just in case they are born whilst she is away.

She was a little disappointed that we couldn’t see their faces. But the news that Lilly had almost doubled her weight in 4 weeks was a relief. There is still a good amount of fluid around each baby and all looks really good.

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Bugsy said...

lovely to see you are doing so well. I can't wait to see those little faces too and see your amazing family again. Take care hun.