Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Springing a leak

Saturday night I was busy cooking in the kitchen when all of a sudden I feel my nipples harden, didn’t really think much of it, until I felt ‘something’ cold against my left breast. I checked my top, nothing and then I checked my singlet and sure enough there was a wet patch.

I freaked out, well a mini freak out…how can I have milk now when it is way too early for it to come. I frantically reach for the two Bibles, no answers there. I can’t call my Mother as she is not in the country so I do the next best thing and call my MIL. Apparently it is quite normal to have leakage while pregnant, even this early?

Off to the Supermarket where I had to buy Breast pads. My SIL told me on Sunday that it was Colostrum and sure enough when I checked the Pregnancy books again it did state that some women have a little Colostrum leakage starting in the 5th month.

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Nico said...

I actually started leaking at 19 weeks!!! I was freaked out too, but I looked on babycenter.com, and there were a lot of women who were posting on the message boards about leaking starting at 20-22 weeks. So it's perfectly normal :-)