Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Not meshing

I didn’t believe in the whole ‘jinx’ thing, when I was TTC it would be a weekly ritual that I would buy something small for the baby. I would buy a pair of socks or a singlet or a jumpsuit, just something small to put away in my chest of dreams. It was my way of coping, shaking my fist at fate whilst screaming on the top of my lungs “You will not beat me”.

That was until Friday where I said to my cousins wife “Oh I’ve been lucky that I haven’t caught this autumn / winters cold”. I spoke way too soon as I woke on Saturday to a blocked nose and the start of something nasty.

It has only gotten worse, I’m religiously checking for a fever which thank-god there has been no sign off. But the runny nose has now turned into a deep chesty cough, blocked sinus and head ache. I saw the GP last night and there is nothing that I can take, can’t even pop a cold ‘n flu pill which has always helped in the past.

And….I miss my Mummy as she would’ve been the first one over with Chicken soup. Tim did the next best thing and asked my MIL to make a big batch for me. I could make it myself but Tim put his foot down and told me that it goes against the rules; the person who is sick is not allowed to make the soup.

Lesson for this week is that Pregnancy and bad colds do not mesh well.

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