Thursday, May 25, 2006

Prenatal Class #4

With reluctance we went along last night, the previous weeks class did not leave a good taste of what to expect. I’m glad that we did go along. We had a presentation from a ‘mobile car seat fitting’ company that comes out to your home and fits the seat into your car for a small fee. There was a discussion about the different types of seats and different brands available.

What we didn’t know before last night is that not all child car seats will fit every car, even with a 4WD there is no guarantee that you have enough room in the back seat to fit the one your purchase. We also didn’t know how difficult it is to fit a seat, surely there are just a few bolts to do and ‘she’ll be right?’ apparently not. The best most expensive brand that we have in Australia is the Safe ‘n Sound, which is currently the only company that do their own testing. Child restraint seats are not crash tested in cars….but on boards and other devices.

Without having to have a lengthy discussion on whether or not we would use this companies services, Tim picked up a brochure for the presenter. $60AU (approximately) is a small amount to pay to ensure that the seat if properly fitted to our car. The company also ‘teaches’ first time parents on how to put your baby into and out of the seat. Apparently the Midwives do not and will not help you when you leave the hospital. Small price to pay I think.

Last night was ‘the video night’, we watched a live birth and it wasn’t too bad, gory yes but hey that is what is waiting for me around the corner. I didn’t like looking at the placenta, that bit groused me out, especially with the thought that some people eat it…..yuck.

The human biology amazed us both, learning that the baby’s skull is specifically divided into 4 parts to allow the head to be squashed through the pelvic region left us stunned. What I didn’t know before last night is the reason for the scream after birth is to close the whole in the heart and artery and make the blood flow both ways instead on one way. I also didn’t know that through out this pregnancy I have most likely been having contractions and never really knowing it!

All the birth discussions last night were centred on a ‘normal’ birth. Next week we will be covering ‘unexpected’ births and more pain relief and most importantly when to come to the hospital.

After last weeks disappointment this week was much better and I’m glad that I still preserved to go along.

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