Thursday, May 18, 2006

Prenatal Class #3

Last nights class was made up of a smaller group of couples from the Physio Class and all couples that we had met before. It was the first one with the Midwife, the Agenda was meant to be the following:
- Introduction & Expectations
- Car Restraints
- When to come to Hospital
- Why Prepare for Birth

We didn’t keep to the Agenda as the Car Restraint guy couldn’t make it last night and we didn’t talk about when to come to hospital. There was a very dated (read 80’s cheesy) video on proper nutrition through different stages of pregnancy and important exercises to do, but nothing really new. We did have a small game of matching meanings or acronyms to words often used through pregnancy and birth. Which was OK, and then the Husbands / Partners were asked to right a list of responsibilities during labour, basically what is expected of them or what they think their role is during labour.

I must admit the Men / partners did really well, for me they had the 3 key things on their collective list:
1. Massage
2. Keep mouth shut
3. Support

Obviously the women had much more on our list, for me it showed that the husbands / partners ‘got’ what their role is meant to be.

All in all last nights class was a bit of a let down and not as productive as the previous two classes were. I did ask if Tim participated in coming up with the list and felt very relieved with his answer and a bit more comfortable, as my husband too ‘gets’ what his role will be.


Nico said...

That class sounds like the reason I'm really on the fence about taking one... Very nice that Tim get is though!

Kim said...

I'm glad that Tim knows what he has to do. :)