Tuesday, May 16, 2006

OB appointment

Yesterday was another standard OB appointment, our report:
- Weight = Same as last time,
- Urine = Fine
- Blood pressure = 135/70 also good
- Babies heartbeat = 150 also good.

Tummy checked and right size for the gestational period. We spoke about my weight again and he was happy that I had not gained anything yet Bobim was growing nicely. We agreed that it was unlikely that I would loose an extra 10kg before the birth but he was happy if I continued to remained at my current weight. I must remember to kiss my child a little extra when I meet him, in Thanks for helping me loose weight!

We spoke about the Colostrum and I was reassured that it was normal and a very good thing.

In the next 3 weeks I have to go and do the Glucose blood test and my next OB appointment is for the 19th June, where I will only be seeing the Midwife as my OB will be on holidays, I suppose that he has to have a life too. Just as long as he will be here for the birth is all I care about.

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Kim said...

That's fantastic that it's going so well for you! Only 99 days to go your counter says! My God that will go quickly.

Well done on the weight loss too. That must feel awesome. :)