Friday, December 30, 2005

This morning

I woke up as I normally do and went to the bathroom, being the paranoid expecting mother that I am I still check for any spotting. Well this morning there was a 5 cent size bright red spot on the toilet paper. So I wiped and checked, wiped and checked (rinse and repeated) until there was no sign left. I think that I may have used the whole toilet roll checking this morning.

Since then I’ve been like a lunatic drink water, or just going to the toilet just to check. There has been NO other spotting or NO cramping. I’ve done absolutely nothing this morning. I did get up and dressed and moved myself onto the couch.

Tim and I are scared shitless, and we have had the same discussion over and over, should I go to the hospital? If I went to the hospital would they do a beta hCG test and would we get the results today? Should I go to my gp?

The occasionally one of us says out loud “I don’t want to loose our Bobim”. I’m trying not to stress, but how the fuck can’t I?

I recently bought a great book as recommended by Bugsy “What to expect when expecting” and it says that unless I have cramping and bleeding then I should just go to the hospital.

If you could just please spare a thought for us and pray that this little bit of blood this morning does not mean the end of our Bobim I would greatly appreciate it!


Felicity said...

Im praying for you, Mari.

I had a bleed at about 8 weeks, the doctor told me it was a small clot that dislodged from behind the growing placenta, and that its very normal. Your small bleed may have been something like that? Or it could have been the cervix, which does get very soft and can bleed easily.. you probably know that.

Considering the pain you have had to deal with, I'd definately be contacting either a doctor or going to the hospital.

Thinking and praying for your Family.


Nico said...

Oh, Mari! I will definitely be praying for you. Lots of women do have some spotting during their pregnancy, but even knowing that I can imagine how terrified you must be.

You listen to me now, Bobim! You.Must.Stick.Around. You are not to go anywhere, do you hear???

Mary Scarlet said...

Mari, I am thinking of all three of you and hoping this is just your garden-variety, bit of meaningless spotting.

Bugsy said...

oh sweets. You and I both know that bleeding of any sort does not mean the end. But - if you are upset so much that it is affecting you - then please call your doctor or the hospital. You should see baby if you can get an ultrasound now (we saw a heartbeat at 6.5 weeks even), and that might put you at ease. It might even tell you where the blood is coming from (mine was from a pocket of blood trapped around the placenta).

I will be thinking of you - rest up.

Bobim - Don't even think about going anywhere little one - you are loved so very much by everyone - you have to stay so we can meet you. plus little one - you have to meet that special Mum of yours - trust me, she is worth sticking around for.

Nico said...

Hi Mari,

Do let us know how you're doing! I hope everything is okay!!!