Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Second Beta

I’ve been stressing since 2pm as I called Dr New’s office for my results and was kept waiting. I ended up calling about 3 times looking for my results. Anyway here they are:
- e2 = 1663
- p4 = 46.8
- beta hCG = 1230

I’m a little worried about the p4 level, should I be?

Needing some reassurance…


Nico said...

Well, that's a nice 41 hour doubling time, which I understand is close to perfect.

I don't know about p2 levels. If you're worried about it, call the doc back and let him know. Ask if you should be taking extra p2 - either orally or suppositories.

Looking good...!

end_result said...

Well done Mari,

A mighty fine beta result! Like Nico said a 41 hour doubling time is great! Not sure about the p4 levels as they never monitored mine. But I would ring the clinic and get their thoughts on it even if it is just to ease your mind.

April said...


Anita said...

And they are rising! Yay!

I too never really knew what my P4 levels were....maybe it is better as it was one less thing to stress about.

Ok I am just copying this from a website:

First Trimester - 10-90ml (average of 20 at 4 weeks and 40 at 14 weeks)
Second Trimester - 25-90ml
Third Trimester - 49-423ml

According to the above your levels seem fine!