Tuesday, December 13, 2005

CD36 16DPO

I got my results this afternoon:
e2 = 884
p4 = 48.6

Next blood test is on Thursday e2, p4 and beta hcg I begged Dr New to have the results Thursday afternoon and not make me wait until Friday.

The message was "Dr New is very optomistic".... holy shit, holy shit was going through my head

I was worried that my p4 levels had dropped, but was told it wasn't a problem.

When I woke this morning Tim rolled over to look at me and instead of saying good morning or something sweet...all I said was "My boobs still hurt", Tim just grunts and goes back to sleep. That is what our marriage is based on these days, spotting updates anytime of the day, pains, cramps and whether or not my boobs still hurt.

Manuela - that bat I'm using to beat the bitch back is not working too much anymore.. help


Nico said...

I don't know how much beating you actually need to do! You've made it much further than on previous cycles, your e2 is still high... Have you peed on a stick yet?

Crossing everything that this IS what it's looking like!

end_result said...

I am getting excited. Still praying and have EVERYTHING crossed, that this is your sticky one.

Thalia said...

Yup, some stick peeing is definitely called for. Your doctor is being distinctly masochistic making you wait this long for a beta - why 18 days?? Hang in there, not long to go.