Tuesday, December 06, 2005

CD29 9DPO update

Results are:
e2 = 585
p4 = 34.4

I'm to have another booster shot tonight, never had two boosters in a cycle...wonder what this means??

Next Blood test is on Thursday and results on Friday.


Bugsy said...

No matter what happens, everything is going to be okay darls - I have faith in you. Faith that you will be the best mum out. Faith that you and Tim have so much love to give a baby that it would be criminal not to give you one. Faith that you will weather through every stage of this journey and come out the victor.

Everything still crossed for you. Thinking of you heaps (I want this so much for you it is a burning in my chest).

Please please please let this be it.

Em said...

I don't know what the numbers mean but fingers crossed!!!

Kim said...

How are you going?

Like Em I know NOTHING about numbers so I'm going to sit here twidding my thumbs and hoping you're going well.