Thursday, December 15, 2005

Saga of peeing on sticks

Nothing in life is ever simple, but at least now I know which brands give me the right result. I have done a number of HPT’s over week or so but I get mixed messages, for instance:
- Sunday morning it was a negative*
- Monday morning it was a positive (faint)#
- Tuesday morning it was a negative*
- Last night I did two using two different brands, both positive (faint)#^
- This morning it was a positive (faint)#

* Clearblue
# Crystal Clear
^ Discovery

With the inconsistencies of these HPT’s Tim and I agreed to hold our excitement until we received the blood test results, which will be this afternoon. Joking I said to Tim on Tuesday that I think even 9 months pregnant the Clearblue tests would still be negative. However all the second lines have been very faint; they have never been as strong as the control line.

I didn’t blog about them for some reason, perhaps there is still something deep inside me holding me back from admitting that maybe I could just be…. you know…. Perhaps it is my way of protecting my heart.

Sigh….I will know this afternoon at any rate….and I will update as soon as possible.

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