Monday, March 02, 2009

Birth Story

17th Feb 2009


We all settled to go to bed and as per usual I read a little before falling asleep. At 9:30pm I attempted to relieve my bladder after struggling to get out of bed, there was no such luck and I was in a lot of pain.

I prepared myself mentally for a pain riddled night and moving between the bed and the sofa chair. Every half an hour I attempted to relieve my bladder, with no luck. By 10pm the pain was so bad, just above my ovaries the abdominal cramps were really bad that I thought that I would go crazy with the pain.

Lying on my bed at this point was not an option no position was comfortable and the funniest thing that I can remember is during this whole time I had not had on contraction, just the constant cramping pressure on both sides near my hip bone.


Third attempt at trying to relieve my bladder, this time I went to check up on Jordy and use the toilet across from his room. My little man was still tucked in and fast asleep. I noticed that our neighbour had his light on and by this stage I had become an expert in using all house hold facilities in the dark so I decided to close the door, so as not to wake Jordy.

As I leaned forward whilst on the toilet I heard and felt a big pop and a huge gush of warm water run into the toilet. My waters had broken, my first reaction was one of relief as soon as they had broken the pain that I had been feeling for the past 2 hours was gone in that instant. The second thought was how the hell am I going to get from the bathroom to our bedroom.

I decided to wait a little until the gush turned into a trickle and then bolt to the room. I didn’t make it to the bedroom but made it to the front entry way that is tiled and then told Tim to wake up and call his parents as my waters had broken.

Unfortunately his first reaction was to scream at me, my darling husband can’t handle being woke up abruptly in the middle of the night. So here I am standing in the door way to our bedroom leaking aminiotic fluid onto the tiles and can’t do anything about it all the while Tim is grumbling at me.

He throws a towel at me and I race to the shower and jump in. I hear Tim talking to his parent and whilst I’m still in the shower they arrive. Luckily my Mum had given me a Tena lady pad and I put that one and got dressed, finished putting the last minute things into my bag and called the hospital.

By this stage I had a few contraction a bit stronger than the Braxton hicks but nothing to really scream about. Arrived at the hospital and was put on the monitor where the contractions didn’t even register.

All the time we were looking at the clock willing time to go just a little bit faster in order to have these babies born on the 18th rather than the 17th so as not to share their Birthday with their cousin Tina.

18th Feb 2009

Dr K arrived at about 12:30pm and had a quick look and decided that 19 hours between surgeries was enough time for his fingers to start itching. He called everyone in to be ready for 1am.

At one stage we heard Dr K and the midwife discussing when they should put in the catheter. Dr K was saying that he usually does it in theatre but the Midwife was saying she could do it now. He just kept on saying, lets do it in Theatre and when asked my opinion I had to agree, do it when I’m totally numb.

Even though I knew that we coming this experience was different to the birth of Jordy. There were things that I had forgotten about and things that I never felt before. The spinal tap was just as I remembered but being nauseas from the atheistic was a new experience.

Rylie was the first out and gave a great big cry and our little Lilly cried non stop for about an hour or so until she was finally fed with a cup. All through out the surgery Dr K kept a great commentary on what was happening and how the birth was going.

After the Babies were born Tim was offered to cut the umbilical cords for each baby, which he wasn’t able to do for Jordy and I was able to see what the Paediatrician and midwife were doing to the babies.

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Bugsy said...

ok you made me cry!

So pleased Tim got to cut the cord and that the surgery went okay for you.

Sounds like your daughter knows what she wants! hehe You are going to have so much fun with them both.