Friday, March 13, 2009

A very quick update

It is been tough real tough, but perseverance has I think started to pay off. My Mum ended up staying over last Thursday again because both babies were just so unsettled and I was like a fish out of water that I was freaking out about how I was going to cope with all 3 kids on my own.

Fast forward a week and so much has changed. After seeing a Kinesiologist and the Maternal Health Care nurse, we have a sort of routine.

Both are regularly feeding every 3 hours, I noticed a pattern the other night, 10pm, 1am, 4am then 7am. The 1am and 4am feeds are really tough and the 7am is tricky when I take Jordy to child care. But we are managing the past 3 nights like this.

What I have learnt?

I’ve learnt that I need to relax and not stress out when one or both cry and I’ve also learnt that I need to really listen to and trust my instincts.

The other day my Mum and I were having a disagreement about what the babies should wear. I figured that if I was hot and sweating that the babies did not need to be so covered up now that they can regulate the temperatures. I should’ve just changed my babies and gone with my gut as the afternoon was spent consoling two very hot little babies.

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Carrie27 said...

That's great that you are already seeing a pattern. It took us a while...but, shoot, the first 2-3 months are a blur to me.