Monday, March 02, 2009

10 Milk Bottles

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After our first night home as a family of 5 I was washing all the bottles and getting ready for the next batch. My milk again never came in and lucky I had stocked up on Formula because as it has turned out one tin lasts us 5 days. This is most likely going to be the one thing that will be very expensive for us. A tin costs approximately $22 (AUD), and this is the cheapest that I have found.

Anyway as I was washing the bottles I had to take a photo of how funny it looked to have all the bottles, washed, sterilised and ready for the boiled water. Even we have decided to demand feed our little ones, they are feeding every 3 to 4 hours, but sometimes will feed after 2 if they have done a poo.

Making 10 bottles will not last us 24 hours but I refuse to buy anymore as I know that their feeding patterns will eventually change and at some stage 5 bottles each will be enough. So we are making formula every 12 hours or so just to keep up with the demand.

Tim laughed at me when I was pregnant that I came home from Office Works all excited that I bought permanent markers. But I’ve marked the bottom of each bottle with a blue or red dot, to differentiate between the two. We have recently noticed that Rylie has increased his feeds so it is easy to work out which bottle is which but the coloured dot. In any case I’ve now had the last laugh because it seems that this dot system works well for us.


Carrie27 said...

Once they eat larger bottles, then your bottles will lessen. We go through betwee 3 and 4 per baby.

We buy our formula from Sam's Club. We go through one of them in 5 days (it's a much bigger size and only costs $20. I even have spitters. LOL!

Bugsy said...

Oh I love your dot system! Not sure if it will help but the hospital told us to make up the formula in a jug, then just pour it into the bottles as we needed it. I know they say to make it up as you need it but the midwives kept telling us it is good for 48 hours so making up a whole jug at a time is easier.