Sunday, March 29, 2009

Feeds - Rylie

2 hours after his feed this morning, still wide awake.

Finally asleep whilst his little sister is screaming in the cot right next to him.

Continues to sleep whilst I'm feeding Lilly, not bad considering it did take us 2 hours to get him in this state!

Then there are feeds where Rylie is still awake and I put him down to quickly get a top up bottle ready and put Jordy down for his nap and when I return all of 2 minutes later I find this:

Lucky this photo does not capture the smell as yet again my little boy has fallen asleep after he has soiled his nappy and wouldn't care if he is left in this state until his next feed, I did change him.
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Carrie27 said...

My kiddos all wake up screaming when they poop in their diapers.