Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Being afraid

It is nearly 9pm and I’m terrified as to what the night will entail. The past few nights have been hell, but I suppose it could’ve been a lot worse.

To start with on Sunday night it took us almost 3 hours to settle Rylie to sleep. Non stop crying and constant snacking, then it was Lilly’s turn. We decided to leave them in their own room as we thought that the movement from their bedroom to ours could be causing them to be unsettled (hey were are grasping at anything we can think of).

After they were finally asleep the first feed was ok and worked well, first Rylie and then Lilly but both fell straight back to sleep with out much fuss. Then the 2am feed, where Rylie started crying as he was drinking his bottle, he would take a few gulps and then scream the house down. Tim was feeding Rylie at this stage, as I was feeding Lilly.

It took us another 3 hours of rocking, patting, feeding, and controlled crying, burping for Rylie to finally fall asleep. Tim took today off from work and Jordy went to my In laws for the day so that we could try to sleep (notice the word TRY). But 1:30pm we were both so stressed that I decided to go with my gut and see our GP, as this constant snacking, screaming, crying and arching of his back could not be “NORMAL” baby behavior.

Reflux is what she diagnosed and now Rylie is taking Infant Gavascon and I’m going back on Friday for another check up. To this point Rylie has been the most unsettled, hours on end with the crying. Lilly started now and it has just taken us 4 hours to settle her, poor little girl has worked herself up so much that her eyes are puffy.

So now I’m in bed and instead of going to sleep I’m sitting here blogging as I’m totally terrified as to how the night will go. I don’t want to go to sleep as I don’t see the point, if it is going to take me hours on end to settle these kids to sleep then I may as well just stay up and wait for them to wake up.

The above was written last night and again now I’m sitting in bed with both babies sleeping next to me, Jordy is in child care and I don’t think that I will be venturing too far from this room today.

How was our night well as I expected, at one stage it took Rylie 2 hours (from the start of a feed to when he finally fell asleep) to settle and he ended up sleep on me and it then took Lilly the same time to settle and she ended up sleeping next to me in the bed, as I was patting her to sleep and trying to comfort her.

Picture this: it is 2am Rylie is fast asleep in the cot and Lilly is being burped by Tim and is screaming at the top of her lungs and we are discussing how we are feeling and trying to work out what to do and what could possibly be causing them to be upset. We initially think that Lilly is also suffering from Refulx and I was about to put Gavascon into her bottle when I look over at the counter and see the Formula tin. We are using NAN 1HA Gold and the packaging has changed, I run back into the bedroom saying “Could it be the formula?”

So I go out to the Bin to retrieve the other Tin which has the old packaging and sure enough the contents are slightly different and there are new ingredients included.

I called Nestle this morning and they have confirmed that the ingredients are slightly different, the protein is different and has been processed more to mimic breast milk and some of the ingredients are now sourced from another supplier. Also the new packaged version has Omega 3 and 6 included and other things. I complained to the lady over the phone saying that there should’ve been some warning on the tin to say that it has changed, but I was informed that because the change was slightly different they were not legally obligated to mention the difference.

Can you imagine how pissed off I am, I’m now on a mission to inform as many as I can that there is a difference, because I don’t want anyone to go through what I’ve just had to endure. Worst of all I feel so guilty and upset that these poor babies.


Carrie27 said...

Oh my! So, do the babies not have reflux, then? That would be amazing! I hope the babies get more comfortable soon so you all can rest a little easier at night.

Mari said...

The GP believes that the Refulx has been caused by the change in the formula.

I hold out for that hope...we will see, today has not been as bad as I expected.