Monday, January 16, 2006

What I’ve learnt

1) Before washing your gorgeous little cat because you think that she stinks of cat piss or something else, check around the house for the actual smell and don’t automatically assume that it is the little thing lying on top of you.

Yes I washed my cat instead of checking where the bad smell was coming from and about 3 hours later almost washed my other cat because I smelt it again. When in fact it was then Chux washcloth that had gone off. Poor cat, well at least she is clean!

2) If too hot to sleep at night, walk around the house a number of times whilst eating water crackers (to take the edge off the hunger), and drinking cold lemon cordial. If sleep still evades you, then sleep with only a quilt sheet cover on the bottom half of body whilst top half is covered with the actual quilt.

3) Write everything down that you intend on doing for that day (hour even) and follow the list as though your life depends on it. If you find yourself distracted easily, refer back to the list. Actually it is preferable that you hang this list around you neck as otherwise you will be making breakfast 3 times before you get to eat warm toast. Start on task and complete it before moving on. Your abilities to multitask may have diminished.

4) If whilst you are chewing and you can’t finish off the mouth full as you have the urged to vomit every where, take this as a sign that you are now finished with the meal. Do not attempt to finish the meal off as you will be physically unable to and you may require the use of a toilet.

5) If your nausea is causing you much discomfort and you are now unable to withstand the smells associated with Public transport travelling, carry with you a small size tub of Vicks vapour-rub, and dab a small amount under your nose and even in the nostril.

6) The necessity to relieve ones bowels may not be a daily occurrence, this is not a cause for panic that requires a doctor’s visit.

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Anonymous said...

I like number 5! I used Tiger Balm when my morning sickess was so bad that I couldnt walk around the shops, but it made my nostrils burn! lol. :)

Almost 9 weeks! Wonderful.