Saturday, January 28, 2006

Filled with questions

I woke this morning filled with all sorts of questions surrounding Bobim and I hope that I’ve remembered them all:

* When do I start cleaning up Bobim’s room?

* When should I start buying baby furniture?

* What kinds of things do I need for the baby, bassinet, cot, change table…what else?

* Cloth versus disposable nappies? When I first started TTC every few months or so I would order 2 cloth fitted nappies, but now there are so many different varieties and such that I don’t know what to do. MIL and my Mum suggest that I go with disposables; part of me doesn’t like that idea as a full time thing.

* When should we paint Bobim’s room?

* Am I even allowed to pain? MIL and Mum say that I can’t lift things does the same thing apply to paint fumes?

Shit I’m just over 10 weeks and already stressing about the room and there not being enough time. It has been an awful summer here the last couple of weeks, dry heat I can handle but the humid sticky as all fuck heat is not wanted here. 2 weeks, yes that’s right 2 weeks of blistering bullshit heat with no relief in sight and it virtually means that you can’t do anything.

Running around to baby stores is out of the question; well it is not out of the question but who can be bothered leaving the relatively cool house to go drive all over town. I for one have barely ventured out of the house on the weekends as I’m just trying to keep cool.


Em said...

My friend painted her house when she was about 35 weeks pregnant. As for lifting, as long as you do it correctly and don't lift anything too heavy. As my doctor said to me, 'there's very little you can do that will cause a miscarriage' (that's what I was worried about)'. She said if it's going to stick around, it's going to stick around.
I have bought clothes and stuff and we did look at a pram but I am going to wait until I am further along to buy furniture etc.

Panda said...

OMG Mari, how is it that I DIDNT KNOW you are TEN WEEKS FUCKING PREGNANT?????

This is truly fantastic news, and you have my heartfelt congratulations.

I painted from 24 weeks to about 39 weeks, but using low-odour paint. You dont want to use that oil-based stuff.

So paint whenever you can be bothered, really.

Buy stuff when you feel inspired, but always better to leave it until later because you may be able to get stuff given to you either second hand or new from family and friends.