Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More mutterings

I have started doing more exercise, my MIL translated from Hungarian says to Tim “Make sure Mari walks more as it will help her with child birth”. I have tole my MIL that I had planned on swimming her response was “Good, good, swimming will help too”.

So Tim and I went for an hour walk and our little Ruppy dog whom loved it, and as the weather has been hot I haven’t had the energy to bear the heat and walk again, hopefully if it cools down a little it will be a daily thing. I’ve also started swimming again, all in the attempts to try to lose weight whilst pregnant.

Speaking of the weight thing I went to see the Dietician on Monday and she wasn’t there so have had to reschedule the meeting for next Monday. I’m a bit sceptical about what she will be able to tell me that I haven’t heard before. Eat healthy blah blah blah, no fried foods, blah, low fat everything blah blah. I might even say to her, “Been there done that, what else do you have up your sleeve?”

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Kim said...

I understand about the dietician. I hope they surprise you and come up with something that can help.