Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Odds are

Yesterday was my first appointment with the OB/GYN and I’m so very thankful for having been recommended such a caring doctor. I didn’t have to ask for another u/s as he stated within the first 5 minutes of being there that I could ask all my questions and then pop next door to do the scan.

My questions in the end seemed irrelevant but I’m glad that he humoured me with listening to them and answering them. I’ve been referred to a dietician to help try to loose weight whilst pregnant. I’ve never been to see one and really don’t know how much she will be able to help.

My mother came with me yesterday, as Tim had to stay home for the Fridge repairman, my mother was so very excited about seeing the little one, I had both an internal and external u/s. The heart rate this time around was 171, which is normal for 9 weeks; length was 2.5cm, which again is very normal. The amniotic fluid was normal and he could see that the placenta had started growing the yoke was still present.

After the scan these words were issued out of his mouth “You have a 1:100th chance of this pregnancy ending in a miscarriage”. Part of me was relieved to hear the odds but I’ve never really been one to believe in odds that are spewed from people’s mouths.

The worse part was left to the end of the visit, here in Australia pregnant women have the choice of going through a Public Hospital as a Public patient where the Government (Medicare) pays for everything, the down side to this is you really have no choice about which Dr you see. Or you could be a Private Patient in the public system, which means that if your Dr delivers there then you are ok. The Last option is going to a Private Hospital as a Private patient, which means that you may be out of pocket, depending on the insurance cover you posses.

Well for me I have no choice out of the 4 Hospitals closets to my home, 2 being Private and 2 public I am only able to go to St John of God Private hospital, the reason I have no choice? No it is not because the OB doesn’t deliver at all hospitals it is simply because my BMI (body mass index) is too high. 3 Hospitals have a BMI policy of 35 or less and I’m over that, way over that. I did not know about this and felt really dirty and huge. Dr Germany was kind enough to call and check with the hospital to ensure that it was ok for me to go there, whilst I was in the room. Otherwise my last choice would’ve been going to a Public Hospital, which is about 30km away and have someone else deliver this baby and I would possibly be “out of pocket” $2500.00AU!!!!

The last piece of bad news was that I have a higher risk of gestational diabetes due me weight and PCOS, part of me sort of new this but didn’t really understand what it means. Will have to do search on how to best look after myself. But I bet, that reduced stress levels is what is called for and my work situation has not changed, I have now sent a four email to this bastard, asking if the matter of me being taken off the supervisory role is closer to a resolution, I will keep you all posted.

Here is a list of new dates (I’m sure that I have forgotten a few):
- 27th January 2006 – Blood Tests
- 6th February 2006 = 12 weeks
- 14th February 2006 = Next Scan
- 25th February 2006 = Tour of the Hospital

- 6th March 2006 = Next OB/GYN appointment


Bridget said...

For what its worth I am overweight and didn't gain an ounce while pregnant. After I delivered my daughter I had lost 20 pounds over my starting weight. It can be done. Seeing a dietician really helped.

Em said...

I'm having my glucose tolerance test on tuesday. I have PCO and am getting monitored by an endo, although I am hoping I won't get gestational diabetes because I think I want to have the baby in a midwife-led unit now. Sounds like everything is ticking along well!

Felicity said...

You should NOT feel dirty and huge, and its unfair of the system to make you feel like that!
I think it is their responsibility to explain why they have BMI restrictions now.. I was told the same thing at Katoomba hospital. Its because of the recent law suits agains hospitals for negligence.. ie: Campbelltown Hospital. Hospitals have been forced to slot into 'risk levels' .. each hospital has a level of risk they are allowed to take on per patient. Katoomba Hospital is now a low risk hospital, and cannot take anyone for VBAC, or with a BMI of more that 35. High risk hospitals have alot more recourses available to them.

Its unfair, and I did find it a bit upsetting when my doctor told me, but what you should be able to do, and its what Im doing, is go to the hospital of your choice for all your care, have your Baby at the 'high risk' hospital, then get transfered to your choice hospital 4 hours after the birth. (Or 2 days after a Caesar.) Its the best option for me, and hopefully you will be able to chose this too.

But you should never feel so negative about yourself regarding weight. Good luck with the dietician! :)

Kim said...

I'm soo sorry about the hospital thing. Can I ask what hospitals they are? I wonder what the reasoning is behind it. *sigh*

That list of dates looks pretty cool. Almost 12 weeks already. :)