Friday, September 16, 2005

Not so bad

Just got the call my cycle has not been cancelled. I'm to continue with the gonal-f 150ui (is that right?) until and including Monday. Another Blood test on Monday and more instructions on Tuesday.

Is this the worlds longest OI cycle?


K said...

I doubt it's the longest - I think I've been through some of them though. I'm glad you weren't cancelled!

Nico said...

SO glad you weren't cancelled. My longest one I was injecting Repronex until CD21, Ovidrel on CD22. But my e2 didn't go above 50 until CD19... Have they done a u/s yet??? If not, I think you should definitely ask for one for your next visit. e2 is NOT the whole story.

Bugsy said...

Sounds like a good plan. At least an u/s would give you a better indication of how the follicles are going. So what cd are you up to now?