Tuesday, September 20, 2005


e2 up to 395, GREAT NEWS!!!
I'm to continue with 150ui of gonal-f until and including Thursday where I will have another e2 in the morning to find out the results on Friday.
I'm so glad that my levels went up and a nice big jump to, I did tell Dr New that I only respond well to Gonal-f if the dosage is higher than 112.5. As I had tried, 37.5, 75 and 112.5. 150 was the right number of me each time. Oh well, I suppose he had to learn the hard way...but do you think that I have the right to say to him "I told you so?"


Anita said...

Hell yeah! You tell him!

Nico said...

That's great!!! It's always a *big* relief when it finally starts working. Are your e2 measurements in the US system or the same one the Brits use, do you know?

My magic dose has varied from cycle to cycle - between 112.5 and 150 units. So last time they started me at 112.5 - but then things seemed to go TOO quickly. So I think ramping up a little is better. But 3 weeks worth of ramping is a bit much!

Now that I've gone through three cycles I'm going to take a little more charge of my own dosage, not necessarily listen to what they say. If they tell me to drop the dose? Nope, won't do it.

Em said...

Good luck Mari! It sound like you are doing really well and you sound so positive, which of course, it important.

Kim said...

Well it's good that your doctor listens to you. :)

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