Saturday, September 10, 2005


I had another e2 blood test on Thursday and my levels rose to 199, I’m to continue with the gonal-f until and including Monday, another e2 blood test Monday morning.

I’m trying not to analyse the results but to be honest it is hard not to, when comparing the other OI cycles my e2 levels are really low. But I trust that Dr new knows what he is doing, it feels good getting my instructions from his directly rather than through a nurse. I also wonder if the Metformin is affecting my e2 levels, see there I go again comparing, wondering, stressing about something that I’m not even educated in.


Nico said...

Hi mari,

I just read through your whole blog - I like to know what things have happened in the past months before I start commenting :-) Although you have PCOS and I have HA, it seems that we're in a very similar boat, not ovulating on our own.

My cycles definitely seemed to go better when they started a little more slowly, so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that's what's going on with you. And hopefully the metformin will help your bobim stay!

end_result said...

Hey Mari,

Glad your diet it going well so far. 1 kg in a week is a great start! Slow and steady wins the race.

I think that is important with your E2 levels too. I think if they rise too quickly it can cause poorer quality eggs. (correct me if I am wrong someone)

Oh an on the commenting thing. I for one value your comments and really look forward to seeing your ideas and thought on what I have to say!

Thanks Matey!

Nico said...

So how did your Monday blood test look?

It is SO hard not to second guess the docs on all this stuff - you have to wonder, with all the patients they're treating at the same time, are they truly paying attention? Or are you slipping through the cracks? I think it's really good to keep asking questions, and make sure you understand and are comfortable with what's going on.

On a different note, did you have an HSG before they started the injectibles? It probably happened before you started really blogging...

Celeste said...

Hi Mari,

I surfed over from Manuela Land, ;o), and am glad to see you are on Metformin. That is what I have known to help with m/c's in PCOSers. I have the other strain of it, in which I just couldn't ovulate. I had to be on both Metformin and Avandia in order to really manage the problem. I stayed on Metformin for the whole first trimester but quit the Avandia upon a positive beta. DD is now three.

I'm just throwing this out there in case this cycle doesn't work out; maybe the combo might be of use for you, too. Met works on the liver to help with the insulin feedback loop, but Avandia works on the muscles; liver and muscles are the only tissues in the body that store sugar as glycogen, and they both give info to the pancreas about how much insulin to make. Some of us need the one-two punch to make a cycle hum along correctly. It just amazed me to see how a high level of insulin could throw the much more delicate female reproductive hormones out of their natural balance.

Best of luck to you!!!!