Friday, September 30, 2005

CD32, 6DPO

Dr New called yesterday with my results and they are looking pretty good:
e2 = 593
p4 = 44.3

I had a Pregnyl booster injection last night (1500iu) then was told to have sex last night, tonight and Saturday. Not sure why but am following Dr New's orders. I'm very happy with those numbers and looking back over my previous stimmed cycles my p4 levels around the same time has never been above 32...I wonder if this is a good sign?

I have another e2 and p4 blood test on Monday.


Anita said...

Great numbers Mari. Let's hope that BDing paid off!

Will be watching your blog obsessively!

Nico said...

That's a great progesterone number. Hopefully it means good things!!!