Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Just a quick update as I'm at work, e2 level rose to 235 on Monday. Dr New called yesterday with further instructions, increase dosage to 150ui until and including Thursday. Another e2 Thursday morning and further instructions on Friday.

I just want to have the internal u/s, I have a great sense of accomplishment when I see my nice big follicles present on the screen. I just hope that they are growing nicely and because we are taking it slow the egg quality will be better.

End_Result - thanks for your comment about going slowly, it really helped. I'm just so used to an OI cycle going by so quickly. But now I think that maybe that was my problem in the first place and could be a reason for all the Chemical pregnancies (to be read as miscarriages)


Bugsy said...

I hope the next level is perfect and you get the u/s hun. I so want it to be a great picture that you see at the time too, nice fat follicles.

You now what I love about the internet, blogging and all our blog friends. We get so much common sense from them. I think the going it slow comment is perfect.

Manuela said...

Here's to big fat juicy follicles!

betty said...

Good luck to you Mari!
And thanks for your supportive comments to me in my time of woe. xx