Monday, October 03, 2005

Slowly going insane (CD35, 9DPO)

I spent most of the weekend plastered in front of the TV, watching the Enterprise Episodes that we bought…geekiness showing through I know. This is the one thing that keeps me relatively sane during the waiting game, by escaping reality and watching TV I don’t have to ‘deal’ with the waiting.

But it is a totally different story here at work, I either through myself into the tasks assigned to me so I drown out all the distractions or I spend time analysis my previous charts and frantically googling.

Today I’m frantic and I’m not handling it at all. I’ve already called Dr New’s office once to find out if they have my results and I’m trying not to call again today, as I will find out tomorrow….oh FUCK IT I will call.

I did and nothing yet…

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Kim said...

Have you seen the Serenity film yet? We saw it in at Crown and really liked it. Very close to the series if you saw that.

I hope you're going okay. Blog soon, hey?