Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Second OB appointment

Monday morning I had my second OB appointment, sitting in the waiting room I didn’t know what to expect at all. There were all these Pregnant women and women with kids around me and still I felt uncomfortable.

The OB’s midwife is fantastic, remembered me from 6 weeks early and remembered my frantic phone call relating to my constipation episode. It was a nice feeling being remembered.

I had lost 5kgs in 6weeks since I’d been at the Clinic, which amazed both of us, shouldn’t pregnant women put on weight?

My Blood pressure was 130/70 I was told that this is goo; my urine test on site was fine for protein and sugar content. My blood test results were negative where needed to be and the numbers were all the normal ranges where it needed to be.

Then the highlight of the visit was a quick listen to the heartbeat, my little Bobim is a cheeky mite, didn’t want to sit properly for the microphone. She couldn’t find the heart beat…..and surprisingly this did not concern me, I didn’t even have any DBT. We could hear Bobim moving around, but a quick scan and we saw Bobim moving around like crazy and kicking it’s very long legs.

Another go at the microphone thingy and four kicks later I heard the very faint thump, thump, needless to say I was in awe.

I only saw the OB for about 5 minutes asked my simple question of taking Folate as I keep on forgetting to take Folate and was wondering if this would cause issues. I was told that Folate is more important before conception and not after.
I was advised to take Calcium and a Multi-vitamin that contains Iron that won’t make me constipated. All is all we were all quite happy with my progress. Next appointment is 6 weeks away on the 18th April.

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Nico said...

I also still feel strange in the waiting room at the OB. I wonder if everyone feels that way at first, or if we feel it more because we thought that we might never get there?