Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bump 'n tickle

It has been a while, a whirlwind weekend filled with everything to do with the dreaded wedding and work, which will never die down. I wonder if my Manager will be calling me when I’m giving birth stressing about something or another.

My biggest news is that I definitely feel movement; I have been for about a week or so, I ignored it up until Sunday as I just thought that it was wind or my hopes of feeling movement. But I asked a good friend of my at the Wedding if it was meant to feel like something was tickling me behind my belly button.

When she screeched and said “Yes, that’s it”. You could not wipe the smile off my face. Every now and then I get this little bump, tickle, and scrap that I just sit there and smile and rub my tummy.

On the Baby room front, we purchased a Baby Gate to keep the cats out and we have come up with a ‘Room renovation plan’. For a number of weeks I’ve felt frantic that I was running out of time and there was so much to do, and I love plans, I like to know what gaols we are trying to achieve. Even TTC I always had plans for the next cycle, it made me feel more settled.

So here is our general plan:
March – Buying the Baby Gate and picking the colour of the paint for the walls
April – Doing the Concreting and the Gate to the side of the house and finally fixing up the garden. I know that this has nothing really to do with Bobim’s room….but we don’t have a Shed and we have kept a number of things in ‘The rooms’ closet that needs to now live in a shed, hence the concreting.
May – Start cleaning the room, washing the walls, carpets, windows. We are also changing the Window, door and closet trims and adding in a Picture rail. This is all to be done in May.
June – Paint and finish the room, including the curtains, wall art and anything else I can think of.
July – Most likely I will be washing all the clothes and putting them away and getting the ready for Bobim

August – All I have planned this month is first packing the bag for the hospital and then giving birth (FUCK…..deep breaths Mari!!!)

OH 3 more weeks till we find out the sex of Bobim!!

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Panda said...

Ahhh yes, the Renovation Plan...

Dont worry, it WILL all get done, though most assuredly not according to your Plan.

How exciting that you cal feel movement now. Wondeful wonderful wonderful!