Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A big bag of the Guilt's

I’ve been lurking more and more on my old fav Baby website and contributing to the Pregnancy posts, actually anything to do with a baby threads I’m reading.

After keeping away from this site for a long time and living in the Blog world, contributing and reading on pregnancy just makes Bobim feel more real to me.

This morning I thought that I would have a sneak peak at the IF threads. Why is it that I now feel so guilty for lurking there, that I can’t even bring myself to post to questions that I can answer or offer advice to some people that are still on the IF road from hell?

Here I am at work, feeling Bobim kicking away with a small smile on my face, but reading some of the posts makes me feel so very guilty that I am here and not back there holding their hands.

I don’t think that I’ve explained myself very well….

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