Monday, July 31, 2006

It was the start or so I thought...

Last night was the start of the end of this pregnancy…or so I thought. At about 12:30 I started getting period like pains that extended towards my lower back. Up I got walked around a bit and went to the toilet. Bladder relieved I thought nothing more of it until about 5-7 minutes I got a shock of the same pain.

I was able to work through the pain for about half an hour in bed before need to get up and walk around and breathing. I almost wrote this post last night, I was certain that it was labour and not Braxton hicks and I was getting excited that it may have meant Bobims Birth-day.

After about another half an hour I went back to bed and tossed and turned every time the pain struck or got up and walked around. At one stage here I am at the end of the bed moving my hips side to side and Tim gets up for a visit to the toilet. I turn to him in relief that the pain had subsided:

“Mimi, I love you”


“I think that it is time”

“For what?”

“I’m having regular pains”

“You can’t be it is too early”

Right at that moment I felt very cheated, almost as though I was making this pain up! Perhaps I wanted him to just touch me and reassure me that he was in it with me but I did feel very alone.

In the end I fell asleep at 4am and the pains / cramps disappeared and it was a false alarm. But one that I’m grateful to have felt as now I know what I maybe in for. I just hope when the time is really here my husband won’t react the way he did last night.

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