Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dear Bobim

Today marks the first day of the month of August 2006, it also marks the month that we will hopefully finally meet you and our lives will no longer be the same.

I’m getting really excited to meet you, my dreams of you are getting more vivid and I think about you all the time. I’ve also taken to announcing your movements out aloud at night as Daddy wants to know.

You are still very active and not an hour goes by with out me feeling some type of movement. You have also moved into the middle of my tummy and my baby belly is lower than it was last week.

Ellie was feeling my tummy the other day and she commented on how my tummy feels like I’ve been working out as it is so tight. We all can now definitely feel where you bum and legs are.

Mamma loves to rub my tummy and she also has started kissing her hand before she rubs, to try to convey how much she already loves you through the skin.

I have now packed our bags and your bed is ready. Your cars seats are being installed on Saturday…yes you have two car seats one for my car and the other for Daddies car. You now have two prams, one for walking with Ruppy around at home and the other for when we go shopping.

You also have a portable bed that Mamma wants to have permanently fixed at her house…but we will see. There are still a few little things that we want to buy for you but they can wait, but knowing me I’m sure that they will be bought before you are born, that is if we have time.

I was blown away by all the little presents that you received for our relatives in Hungary. They are also getting excited about hearing our news.

I must admit that part of me is a little scared about your birth; Daddy is aware of how scared I am and constantly says that I will be ok. But having had someone say this to you and then believing it, is a different thing altogether.

Even though I may write about how scared I am about your birth the excitement of meeting you being able to give you a kiss a cuddle and generally learning all your features over rides any real fear that I have.

Daddy and I have discussed the names that we may give you and we have finally decided to wait to see what you look like before announcing your name to the world.

Looking forward to meeting you this month.

Lots of love your very pregnant Mummy!!

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