Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Small Scare

We had a small scare on Monday, being my last week at work I was looking forward to packing up my desk, cleaning up my files, handing over my work and walking away for this place to start my new job filled with sleepless nights, crying baby and dirty nappies.

Things did not go to plan, I was feeling crap and on the way to work I almost got off the train to turn around and go home. I didn’t I came in and then lasted 2 hours. To keep me conscious on the way home I took to counting how many rail/road crossing we had from the City to the Station where I park my car. But I think that I did blank out at some points. I vaguely remember driving home and seeing Tim sprawled out on the couch as well.

In the morning my Temperature was 36.7°C, when I arrived home it was 37.5°C (at 12:30pm), next time Tim took it at (approximately) 1pm it had jumped to 38.5°C, after 20 minutes went to 38.8°C. This is where we started to panic as I had taken 2 panadol tablets at 12:30pm, I couldn’t take anymore.

Off to the GP, where all they could do is look at you sympathetically or should I say pathetically and offer no real help. I was to continue as I was going, panadol every 4 hours and twice the amount of fluids. My blood pressure was below 100!

I’m so grateful that I have an active baby, even while trying to sleep in the afternoon when piles and piles of blanket on me to get warm, my little Bobim was moving around without a care in the world. If this was not the case and Bobim had not moved in the time when my temp had spiked I would’ve been sent to hospital.

Tim and I stayed home yesterday and did not move off the couch and I feel much better today, if only my hacking cough would subside and I could breath out my nose I would be much happier. What away to mark my last week at work…sick!

To all the pregnant ladies out there, infertile and fertile, please take care and KEEP AWAY from anyone who has even a small sniffle.


Em said...

Look after yourself Mari! Not long now.

Nico said...

I'm sorry you got so sick. I hope you're better by now!