Wednesday, June 21, 2006

31 weeks today

At time it feels like this pregnancy is progressing really slowly, other times I stop in awe at how far I have progressed. This morning is one such morning, getting into work I flipped my desk calendar to reveal that I was 31 weeks. SHIT 31 weeks, already huh…well that is amazing.

I continued blogging through out this pregnancy as I didn’t want to forget this experience, at times I have been riddled with guilt at complaining how I was feeling. Today I’m not going allow myself to feel guilty as ‘growing a baby’ for me is not a walk in the park, part of me knew…just knew that it would not be 100% easy. Far from it…I knew instinctively that I would struggle at points.

Walking – I have now slowed right down to a snails pace, I’m still happy to walk anywhere just as long as I take my time. I have also developed the pregnancy waddle, it was not intentional it just seemed to have happened. I think that it is my bodies natural way of dealing with the pain associated with walking….oh yes it is painful my uterus is stretching and Bobims head is low so the movement can and does cause pain. It is hard to describe how it feels, perhaps maybe like a groin injury….hmmm not sure as I’ve never had one of those but hopefully you get my drift.

Stairs – I can climb down but and up them if I need to but I prefer not to climb up as it too is getting really painful.

Sleeping – I’m sleeping much better now as I have found a routine, from the time I go to bed which is about 8:30pm to midnight I sleep with a big pillow that is shaped like the letter ‘C’ with another small pillow making the whole arrangement look like a giant donut. In between this time I will have had at least 2 toilet calls. At midnight the giant ‘C’ pillow is removed and I’m left with the small one for when I sleep on my right side sometimes accompanied with a squishy pillow for between my legs. For some reason I don’t need a pillow under my belly when I sleep on my left side.

Movement - Bobim continues to move all the time and my favourite time of the day is when I’m sitting in front of the TV with my shirt / top lifted up and I watch fascinated with the belly movement. I haven’t felt comfortable ‘talking / reading / singing’ to Bobim. There are times where I hug my belly and saying small things to him, just feels weird to me to be talking to my belly.

Boobs – Colostrum still leaking every now and then, but my size has not increased at all. Which has me a little concerned but I guess that something is working right. I did try and buy some maternity bras the other day; you would think that it would be easy to by a…one maternity bra in this day and age. But nope nothing in my size, which is about an 18B….yes I may be a big lady but my cup size has either been a B or a C. Lucky I am finishing work early at least it gives me 2 months to find a place where I can buy a maternity bra that will fit me.


Felicity said...

How exciting!! You are getting so close. :)

I used to sing a special song to my baby-in-belly when I was in the shower.. just soft singing, and always the same song. (I found showers so, so comfortable when I was pregnant! So I was very relaxed, and Im sure my baby could sense that.)

I always sang "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree."

He is now 4 months old, and there have been 3 or 4 occasions when he would scream inconsolably, to my distress, and that song is the thing that calms him! He stops screaming and really listens intently. I always sing it softly to him when we are happy, cuddling and relaxing.. its his special 'snuggle' song!

I saw it on a program, and it really does work!

The last 10 weeks certainly are a down hill slide, comfort wise!

Felicity. :)

aida said...

i too find it a little weird speaking to my belly, but i am slowly singing to my belly/baby. i did it when i am alone at first but now i am more comfortable when my husband is around as he has no problem "talking" to my belly.

i guess it will take time.