Friday, June 09, 2006


I’ve meaning to write this post about the significance of numbers in my life:
1) I only have one more Prenatal Class left (except the Breastfeeding workshop which will happen later). Or at this minute the number of hours left till I can go home.

2) Is the number of days until my weekly telephone call to my parents. Being limited to one call a week has been quite hard, whilst I may not have seen my parents often about once every 2 weeks or so, I spoke to them just about every second day.

3) Is number of working weeks left. It is also the number of days off I have after I post this blog entry, gotta love public holidays!

13) Is the number of working days I have left, this one happily decreases every working day.

26) Is the number of days left until my parents arrive back home.

29 +2) Today I’m 29weeks and 2 days pregnant, I never thought that I would make it this far and I can’t believe that I’m nearly 30 weeks.

75) This is the number of days I have left before Bobim ‘should’ pop out!

I’m sure that there are more significant numbers I could think of but am just too tired to even concentrate….the number I see right now is 4:12pm which means I can go home now…and also signifies the time it has taken me to write this post.

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