Monday, June 19, 2006

OB Appointment

Today I had another check up, this time with the midwife as the OB has gone on holidays.

My blood pressure was fine 130/75, this has been a constant level for throughout the pregnancy.

My weight down another kilo the midwife was very happy with this progress, so now a total of 12kg. But realistically I have been monitoring my weight and I’m currently fluctuating 0.5kg to 1 kg.

Urine analysis fine; Bobims heartbeat today was 142 again fine. My tummy was measuring roughly at a 31week pregnancy, this got me a bit worried as I’ve heard for others that I’m having a ‘big’ baby. The midwife told me that because I’m 30 weeks and 5 days that this is still ok and no indication of a big baby.

Must stop listening to MIL and other people.

The best part of the visit was learning my little babies position. His head is facing down low (not engaged) but still down, his bum is near my belly button and his back was curved along my right side. Legs and arms were facing to the left. I was told that it is unlikely that he will turn but it may happen.

OOOOHHH and now I’ve gone to fortnightly visits!!! I’ve got all my appointments booked in now…things are really moving along now.

Part of me feels really guilty that I’ve had such a wonderful day filled with such happy news and my darling friend Bugsy is having such a horrific time, right now.

Bugsy – you are in my thoughts and I wish more than anything that you were not going through this hell.

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Bugsy said...

yay you are doing so well. What an excellent baby Bobim is!

p.s. Thank you hun for thinking of me. what would I do without you? (I would be a raving lunatic!)