Friday, June 09, 2006


Last night may go down in history as the worst night ever as far as sleep is concerned. One of the pregnancy books says that by going to the toilet more often you body is ‘preparing’ you for sleepless nights. Ok I get that…and I’ve been handling going to the toilet just fine. For me the trips are about every 2-3 hours but can be hourly. Not a problem I can fall back to sleep just fine.

What I don’t get is the need to go through the pain that I had last night, sleep deprived nights due to feeding and a baby crying is GOOD reasons in my book. But not being able to sleep because it feels like the basket ball in your tummy is pulling all your muscles should never be classed as ‘preparation’. No amount of pillows different sleeping positions seemed to help and when I did fall asleep without any pillow support, I woke up in pain and could hardly get out of bed.

Tim tried to help by rubbing my tummy, which only woke Bobim up and got him kicking. When I was able to find a good position to sleep in heart burn set in and even taking Mylanta did nothing to help.

I’m now grumpy as all hell and just want to crawl into a good position and have a snooze, preferably without the heart burn.

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