Tuesday, April 04, 2006

UTI or not?

Thankyou for all your comments…I don’t think that I really did my post justice by describing how I felt that night….

I thought that it was resolved on Friday afternoon, but went along to my GP to check the results of the urine sample that was sent on Wednesday. It wasn’t UTI at all the Hospital Dr had got it wrong, what was the pain and discomfort? I don’t know and neither does the GP, but the good thing is that it hasn’t come back. I was told to stop the antibiotics that were given to me.

Tomorrow is the big day where I have my next ultrasound and find out if Bobim is a boy or a girl. Tim and I are both very excited about seeing Bobim again….mental blank…I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve seen our little one, but for Tim it will only be the second time….the first was the confirmation of the heart beat scan at 6weeks.

This week marks 20 weeks for me (give or take a day), which means that I’m half way through this pregnancy. The week has not started off too good. I’m really struggling with being drained and exhausted like I have run a marathon, but all I did this weekend was knit and not do too much.

Last week as an example even after going to the hospital and getting home late I was still able to drag myself out of bed and get to work…all be it late…but I was ok. This week I can’t seem to keep my eyes open at all and feel myself falling asleep at my desk. It is only Tuesday and I feel this way…how am I going to last the week? I’ve no idea!

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Kim said...

I hope tomorrow's big scan helps you get through the week. :)