Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bits and peices

There are so many small things that I’ve been wanting to blog about recently that I thought that I would put them all into one post.


It is the root / vegtable of all evil in my book. I do not cook with it and in my culture that is unheard off, “you must have garlic tis the essence of life right?..WRONG” I don’t mind the smell of it when it is cooking, I just can’t handle the smell of what is does to ones breath and body odour.

Before I was pregnant I could tolerate the smell, you know the next morning, 2 hour after you’ve eaten it smell. But now I’m dry retching at the hint of it. In my books it is deemed evil and should NOT be allowed in my presences. There was a weekend not too long ago where my darling Mimi ate, some garlic pizza and pasta that was swimming in the evil stuff. I could not sleep in the same room as him that night. It was awful, it almost got that bad that I needed to leave the house, as the smell was wafting down the corridor to the room I was attempting to sleep in.

Vics under the nose and eucalyptus oil on the bed did nothing to help over power the God damn smell and I threw up my breakfast because I happened to walk in the bedroom…nice huh. I have since nicely convinced my Mimi that garlic is off limits, until after….way after Bobim is born.

Weight and Train rides

I’ve already mentioned that I’m overweight, but I have not really talked about how it affects my self esteem. You name the diet and I have tried it, the only one that worked was the Sure Slim one. I have mentioned before that since I’ve fallen pregnant with Bobim that I have been loosing weight, it is not like I’m trying. The kg’s just seem to be dropping.

I can feel my baby bump, but to the public and even my family you would not be able to tell that I’m 5 months pregnant, my belly is just too large. But I’m ok with this, as long as I feel my little one moving around then it is all the reassurance I need.

The public transport here is not that bad in my opinion, I travel 2 hours a day to and from work. The line that I catch is always full of people and I also go out of my way to get to a Train station to ensure that I get a seat. There is not a lot of leg room and the seats a quite squashed together, and my largeness doesn’t help with it all. But it has never been a problem until last night.

As is the norm the train was packed and when this lady sat down next to me, I attempted to move across but was already squashed against the wall the train, she asked kindly for me to move, but there was just no room. The lady in front of me already had her legs in between mine. All through the train trip, the lady (read skinny arsed bitch) was huffing and puffing, rattling her newspaper. Every time she turned her page I got an elbow in my hip and eventually when she got off the train, before getting up I received another nice big elbow for good measure.

Normally this kind of situation would not bother me, I’ve made peace with how I look and really don’t care what other think. I just hated how she made me feel, I was embarrassed and ashamed, about the fact that my right leg was over on her side of the chair. I hated the power she took and used to make me feel small.

I wanted to talk about this as it bother me last night and I didn’t want to give this “skinny arsed bitch” anymore power over me and hindsight is a bad thing…as I would’ve love to have said as she was getting off the train “Excuse me but you seem to have left your elbow in my hip…” or “I hope that you enjoyed poking and abusing a pregnant women”. But I didn’t, I sat there blushing as I willingly gave her to power to make me feel like dirt.

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Em said...

On the London Underground, no bugger offers you a seat. When I wore a winter coat my bump wa sconcealed but now I stick it out there and it does nothing! I pushed someone in the back the other day who was pressing against me.