Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Third OB appointment

I have totally forgotten to mention how my OB appointment went on the 18th. This time Tim came with me, which I was glad for as he too needs to meet the Dr.

Weight again a loss, urine sample normal, blood pressure normal and heart beat of Bobim just right. Dr felt around on my tummy and was very satisfied all in all a very uneventful visit, perhaps this is why I’ve forgotten to mention it.

This time I did go with a list of questions, which were mainly around some of the topics that I’ve seen on EB. I mentioned to him that I read in a book that you shouldn’t really sleep on your back and only on a particular side. His response was to stop reading books and went onto explain that during labour they sometimes roll women onto their sides to alleviate the back pain and he believes that it was then assumed by some authors as a crucial need during pregnancy. I was advised to sleep how I wanted to.

Then I went onto mention my weight loss and how I’m not even trying to loose weight it just seems to be coming off me. It is not like I’m exercising or even starving myself.

His response was BONUS! I was told if manageable for me to even loose another 10kg before the birth or stay at my current weight with the baby growing but me loosing weight. He was more worried if I were to gain too much weight, due to recovery times and the potential for a difficult pregnancy and difficult birth.

Since I fell pregnant I have lost roughly 11.5 kilo’s an amazing amount of weight considering there is something inside me that should be making me gain weight.

I must admit that I was concerned that Bobim was not getting everything he needed from me and that I was doing the wrong thing. But with the OB’s reassurance I feel much better. I feel the need to stress that I have not been dieting, shit I’m a bad pregnant infertile as I admit that I eat crap! I don’t exercise, shit I catch the tram instead of walking to the train station, which is 2 blocks away from my work and it is down hill!

Next appointment was 4 weeks from then and it is the 15th May.


Hoping said...

good to hear everything is going well for you..

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