Friday, March 04, 2005

The date has been set

The place has been booked and now I’m officially in the 2WW. It was confirmed this afternoon that I ovulated. I always love hearing that and I never tire of receiving such good news.

The stabbing of the injectibles the little bruises that I have scattered across my tummy and the big Pregnyl 5000 incident all paid off in the end. My ovaries co-operated and released an egg.

Now all I have to do is wait patiently until the 17th of March (I will be 17DPO), I’m not a patient person but the 2WW is not that bad for me, some women that I know and chat with hate this time and I can relate and can totally understand where they are coming from.

For me I spend the 2WW in my hope / dream land where I allow myself the time to wonder and do the “What if” game. It is also that time where I go into the room that will be Bobim’s and open the chest and pull out all the clothes, nappies, blankets and towels. I sit there and I re-fold them and put them away.

I often go into that room (I’m in there everyday, when I iron the clothes for work) but I never look into the chest unless I’m in the 2WW. Am I nervous? Hell yes, Am I confident? Hell no. Will I cave and do a HPT early? Of Course!

14 more sleeps until I know.

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