Monday, March 07, 2005

10 more sleeps

The 2WW is a dreaded time for those that don’t have a lot of patients. I still have not had the time to go into my special room and look at all the clothes. My visitors are still with us and that room is pretty packed.

I’m very much constipated atm, and am in a lot of pain with cramping and being just blocked up. I try not to let my mind automatically think that it is because I maybe pregnant, as I have read with the increase in progesterone lead to constipation.

But I also suffer from IBS which means for me uber bad diarrhoea. So who knows, my mind then remembers the small piece of bread that I ate and thinks that my body is blocked up because I broke the No BSS rules.

I then start to wonder about the pain, if there is an embbie present then the pain and discomfort that I’m feeling wouldn’t be very good for our little one.

I have 10 more sleeps until I officially know if I’m pg, but I think but then I will be a nervous reck.

BTW – If you can’t read one of the comments posted here, they are short messages from my father who is writing on Hungarian. The latest message was “Patients will bring you roses”. It’s my fathers way of telling me to “Just relax”. I don’t think that he read the previous posts…relaxing won’t get me pregnant, plus I’ve lost two little ones. I’m going to stress out about anything and everything, but Apu I do love you and thankyou for reading.

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