Tuesday, March 01, 2005


OI Cycle

Today is Cycle Day 16 for me and I haven’t updated in a while with the cycle details so here goes:

Internal u/s last Thursday showed that my Left ovary had a 12mm follicle present and that my Right ovary had a 9mm follicle present, I was not very happy, actually I was quite disappointed that things were not progressing like I was used to.

Then in the afternoon when P (the nurse) called me and told me that my oestrogen level rose from 222 on Monday to 389, I didn’t really know what was going to happen.

In the end I stayed on Gonal-f doing 150ui until this morning here I had another internal u/s and b/t, plus we were “told” to have sex both Saturday and Sunday, just in case I ovulated on my own.

This morning there was a nice big fat juicy follicle present on my Left ovary, unfortunately it was hidden and they had to push down on my ovary so to bring it into view. Normally when they push on my stomach it isn’t too bad but this morning…it hurt like hell, wasn’t a nice feeling.

Just got off the phone with P, oestrogen today was 1643, so that plan is to take the Pregnyl 5000 injection tonight. Have sex tonight, and Wednesday morning and Thursday night. Next b/t is on Friday to see if I need the booster Pregnyl shot the following b/t is on Tuesday to check levels. Next Tuesday I will be 8DPO.


No bread, no sugar, no salt

I have to think of an acronym for this diet or change in “life style” thing that I’m trying to do. What about No BSS?

Last week I ate bread once for lunch just couldn’t help it…was running late in between meetings (one of them was learning how to play bridge…during lunch break), so I grabbed a sandwich. I was invited out for lunch a few times last week and it is hard to order something to eat with NO BSS. So I had salads both times, not too bad.

After work, Agi has been kind enough to cook for us (when they are able to) and she always makes the effort to cook with no BSS for me. Which I great appreciate, must buy her something!

Yesterday we went out to celebrate my Mum’s birthday and it was a set lunch you couldn’t order your own meal. Even though it was lovely and you wouldn’t think any of it contained too much fat, it was hard to gage that there was infact no BSS.

In the morning I spent 2 hours doing my grocery shopping Mimi would say that I was dawdling, but I really spent that time looking at just about everything you can eat to see if there was any BSS present in the ingredients. I was so disappointed and really pissed off that the things I thought were OK were infact not OK…BSS was present. The cereal that I was eating all week had fucken salt present. Pasta has salt, sauces even organic stuff has both sugar and salt, even the seasoning that I sometimes use on meat has salt present. I just can’t win.

It seems that for me to be able to do this BSS thing I will need to make everything that I want to eat and only eat fresh things like fruits, veggies and meat. Nothing at all processed, which is hard to even start thinking about.

But I’ve decided to pull out my old Sure Slim diet guide again and have a look at the foods that I was “allowed” to eat and modify it to exclude BSS.

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